Think you're safe from AI?  

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News / Getty Images

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News / Getty Images



  When most think of AI and automation affecting the workforce, we immediately think of fast food, retail, transportation, and call centers.  While this is accurate, occupations like lawyers, consultants, financial advisors, journalists, copywriters, and even designers will see AI change and in many cases eliminate roles within their profession.  

  AI and automation have a middle-out strategy that focuses on creating solutions not for the lowest level tasks as many think but the mid-level.  EAAS will produce the most disruption over time as it pushes lower-end functions to on-demand services and creates massive consolidation at the higher end of their industries. 

    Grainhouse is not trying to stop this.  We can’t, and even if we could, we are not sure we want to stop it.  What we are offering is a way for emerging companies, brands, individual contributors, and even enterprise companies to get in front of the curve.  The only defense is an unrelenting offense. 

  Expert Automation & Augmentation Software, in the beginning, will be heralded as helping workers do complex tasks (read an entire prospectus, research paper, or even read through patents) and glean insights in seconds.  

  Grainhouse is currently connecting to in 12 markets that will see EAAS disruption.  If you are in any of the below, we suggest you get plugged into Grainhouse soon.

Investment / Wealth Management
HR / Recruiting
Journalists / Reporters / Editors
Software Developers
Accountants & Auditors
Compliance Officers
Business Development / Sales 

Jonah Manning