Areas blockchain is affecting. 


Blockchain technology will disrupt many aspects of our lives just as the internet itself has.  Many experts call Blockchain the next web.  It very well could be.  Here are three surprising areas blockchain is affecting. 

Banking & Hedge Funds

As the banking industry becomes increasingly API driven with outside partners sharing data, having a tamper-proof ledger will be part of its critical infrastructure.  For Hedge Funds, as traders and quantitative analysis become decentralized, this will allow for all kinds of enhancements to drive down cost and rapidly extract gains from the market. 

Messaging Apps

Telegram has over 200M users and led one of the most significant initial coin offerings in history.  They are developing TON (Telegram Open Network) which is a blockchain-based platform for payments, file storage, and censorship-proof browsing.  The incumbent, WeChat is also innovating up a storm and has the most impressive mobile transaction numbers anywhere in the world.  Chances are if you are not in a technical industry or live in China; you have not heard of either of the names mentioned. Our point exactly. 



This one may be a challenge to get off the ground, but a tamper-proof voting system that never needs a recount sounds pretty apparent to us.

Jonah Manning