Charlotte Distribution Hub

Building a physical product company is hard. You have to deal with sourcing and managing suppliers, manufacturing, logistics and THEN you get to go to market like every other company. It's tough.

Why then, would a little know startup (us) go right after a distribution play as one of our first projects? For precisely the same reason. We are figuring it out so the founders and companies who work with us won't have to.

We are currently looking for a distribution partner in Charlotte and will link that hub with enterprise partners across Asia, Italy, Africa, France, UK, Mexico, and Turkey.

In addition to distribution partners, we are looking for companies interested in selling their products into those markets.

For context, Arcus Label is building a large & global community of suppliers, high-end individual contributors, along with a worldwide network of enterprise customers. We are making this because we want to create a sustainable future for work in the face of a world becoming more automated. If you want to learn more about the culture and mission of Arcus Label and what we are building, you can find more information on our site as well as podcast and blog content we have and will be producing.

We decided, the best way to demonstrate the power of what Arcus Label can be, is to build a network of joint venture partnerships (JVP's) across subsets of markets/verticals.

Jonah Manning