Miami South

For context, Arcus Label is building a large & global community of suppliers, high-end individual contributors, along with a worldwide network of enterprise customers. We are building this because we want to create a sustainable future for work in the face of a world becoming more automated. If you want to learn more about the culture and mission of Arcus Label and what we are building, you can find more information on our site as well as podcast and blog content we have and will be producing.

We decided, the best way to demonstrate the power of what Arcus Label can be, is to build a network of joint venture partnerships (JVP's) across subsects of markets/verticals.

The very first market and vertical we selected was FinTech & Miami. Miami has a fascinating history for us. Our Founder, Jonah Manning, has put together several successful deals in the Miami area over the years and our organic network there has grown dramatically over the last couple years. Also, after living in Argentina, he learned the affinity many south Americans have for Miami. It indeed is the gateway city to South America.

After doing business in South America for several years, we have learned that companies in this region have the robustness to them that often escape companies in the United States. These companies are often grounded in principle, very well run, and execute them on the fundamentals well. One thing they often lack is the ability to grow due to lack of capital.

For our first project, we are going to craft a private equity fund called 'Miami South.' This fund will exclusively focus on both investing in companies in South American countries where they are but also expanding them into the United States via Miami. We will, of course, wrap world class supplier partners and services around them.

We are currently interviewing partners, suppliers, and of course Founders who may be interested in participating in our venture. We will cap the fund at $150m. There will only be one fund for now. The future of Arcus Label's Miami FinTech operation will be to help others to create well performing private equity funds that have a combination of vision / social good to them along with a strong heading for returns.

Jonah Manning