Grainhouse.io announces Grainhouse Local 

Showing Local a Little Love


Selling locally isn't what it used to be.


I've worked with so many marketing firms whose talented, well-meaning designers are still stuck in the vortex of an outdated sales approach. While the owners of these companies are creatives at heart, they think like marketers. 


This is a recipe for disaster.


As an owner myself, I understand as well as anybody the primary reason we spend money on marketing. It's not to rack up likes and follows. It's not to make ourselves feel good and puff out our chests. It's ultimately to make money. 

Of the marketing firms I've worked with, nearly all of them take a design-first approach with their clients. On paper, it sounds good, but here's the kicker: it typically takes 60-90 days to get the design right


There is a massive difference between top-of-funnel and net sales — great design will absolutely help you close new business, but it will not help you get new business. 

At Grainhouse Local, our philosophy is to drive action first while creating (and iterating) design over time. Here's how it works:


1. Native approach to content: By integrating your business with smart channel partners and drastically enhancing your content strategy, we'll get your story right where it needs to be — among your target audience.

2. Growth-driven design: While your story is being broadcasted, we're working behind the scenes to make consistent and continuous design improvements for your business.

3. Cost-effective marketing: With steps 1 and 2 already in play, we'll provide a long-term marketing strategy that will get you fast results, happy customers, and ultimately more revenue.

The Grainhouse story, of course, is still unfolding. We believe that while automation and AI/technology improvements will ultimately be a good thing for society, it will—and does—come at a cost.  


In more ways than one, local businesses will feel its ripple effects more than anyone. In the best interest of hard-working people and their families, we've created a solution to build the world's most extensive supplier ecosystem consisting of small companies, artisans, and now local businesses across the globe.  


We believe that together, we can help companies thrive in the evolving workplace rather than falling victim to what large, multi-national companies are already doing.


This isn't marketing. This is market dominance.

Welcome to Grainhouse Local.

Jonah Manning