renews partnership announces partnership with Brooklyn NY based Broomin7 is building the post-modern authority on scaling companies.  Part of our not-so-secret sauce is our amazing community of partners around the world we are assembling.  Today, we are happy to announce our partnership with Broomin7 to begin a very important division Grainhouse Digital.  

The landscape for small and mid-size companies has changed and is continuously doing so.  For many companies by the time they start catching up the ground shifts again.  Grainhouse Digital is designed specifically to help small to mid-size companies (0-100M) shift from reactionary marketing to thought-leading force in their respective industries. 

The thesis behind Grainhouse Digital and all we do at Grainhouse is to help small to mid-size teams scale and compete on a global level.  We believe the best products and services do not come from large multi-national companies but rather the artisans, makers, and teams that are the best at their craft.  That is who we champion.  

More about Bromin7:

What they do:

bromin7 is a data-driven mobile & web development company committed to placing you ahead of the curve through the utilization of our Machine Learning and Digital Marketing expertise. We are results-oriented, selective and passionate experts in enterprise and consumer-grade applications. You are here with a winning idea. We are here to make it happen.

Web App Development

Whether it’s a website or a more complex web app with many integration points, our app developers have you covered.

Mobile App Development

We specialize in building functional mobile apps with an unmatched user experience and superior interface design.

Digital Marketing

Our team will help you create an effective business model to boost your competitiveness and ensure that you become the leader in your industry.

Jonah Manning