We have a community of search Funds, private equity groups, and investment banks that we can refer to that invest, advise, partner, and acquire companies.

This means that is we are already doing 1 and 2 together, chances are we like you and will want to help you in any way we can.


For Private Equity & Capital we represent a founder first mentality.  We understand that the 10k hours we spend building a company has as much to do with the non-intuitive (the team, the culture, the mission) as it does with the hard data (the P&L, sales, engineering).  

We have a proven track record of wrapping our arms around the executive team and putting in place capital, partnerships, and strategies that accelerate through the mission.  

Grainhouse provides buy-side intermediary services to founders, owner/operators and business-owning families to help them grow, capitalize, or monetize their businesses. Our team is comprised of serial business owners and industry veterans from across the country, with deep industry knowledge and a passion for focusing on your companies culture, mission, and legacy.

We are not a bloated investment bank in an ivory tower.  Internally we resemble more of a bay area startup than your typical bank.  Our teams are distributed around the world and are advisory alumni network comprise mostly of Founders whom we have helped to exit. 

Our unique strategy combines the power of our strategic supplier partnership to help accelerate the success of the company after acquisition.   Making us an ideal buy-side partner for a myriad of acquirers. 



It is is difficult for private companies to get access to the acquisition dealmakers at big corporate headquarters. It’s also hard for them to take the broad pulse of the private equity, hedge fund, and family office capital markets…but they need to.

We are in the information business.  Everything we do is framed around capturing and interpreting proprietary information for the benefit of our clients.  We’ve equipped our partners & associates with access to relevant, actionable deal flow across markets, asset classes and oceans to tip the scales in their clients’ favor. 

We move with gravity and accuracy.  We have access to decision makers around the globe.  We don’t need to share sensitive information with those undeserving in the hope that they will call us back.  We target the right people at the relevant organizations based on our relationship histories and market knowledge.   


We do not hire investment bankers.  We are not investment bankers.  We are founders who have lived through raising capital and exits.  We know what it feels like to cut payroll checks directly out of your personal checking account.  

We approach M&A Advisory more like a founder than a banker.  We leverage technology to help us work far and away more efficient.  We focus on relationships and finding the right fit.  We believe if the companies are strategically and culturally aligned, the numbers work themselves out.  


We are unapologetic advocates for the founders.  They make the sacrifices, take the risk and make the hard decisions to create companies of value, ready to transact to raise money for growth, to make acquisitions, or to sell some or all of their business.

These decision makers are not always new to the financial community – often they have relationships with private wealth advisors at large financial institutions.  These advisors are often long-time friends and trusted advisors to the business owner, managing personal liquid wealth, retirement plans, etc.  However, often time these advisors are part of firms that either do not have investment banking services or do have such services but may not be set up to execute middle market sell-side assignments or smaller, non-public capital raises.