About People(Ops)

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Hiring people is only hard when you have a soulless transactional approach to building a company or team.  As a leader if you look at your employees and team members as cogs to a machine, you will lose and you deserve to.  However, if you understand that building a company is really like building a living entity with its team members the sum of its parts, you will win.  This is not about getting romantic about recruiting, talent, or HR.  This is about understanding the fundamental things that separate the winning teams and startups from the 80+% that will lose.  After a decade in the trenches, our PeopleOps teams knows how to build the right way.  

People(Ops) provides top of funnel sourcing for culture-driven, mission-centric teams in these categories:

a. Sales
b. Coding
c. Product Design
d. Growth
e. Design
f.  Corporate Storyteller

We partner with Founders, Executives, Hiring Managers, and Recruiting teams intentional about both who they hire and 'how' they hire.  

We partner to craft a high-touch candidate experience where the results speak for themselves.