Building a better boat

During Tsunami's as seen in this video below, the ships at port sail TOWARDS the waves.  This actually saves the the ships while all hell is breaking loose on the shores behind them.

This is simply the same thing we are trying to accomplish with Grainhouse.  We are not saying that automation or artificial intelligence companies are evil.  In fact we have and currently are helping growth numerous companies directly in the space.  We are simply saying that if we can disrupt 1-2% of the top 20 industries we will see billions of dollars transferred from the largest companies in the world to small companies and indpendents.  This will result in tens of thousands if not millions of sustainable incomes and jobs. We are simply building a better boat. 

This is not theory

Grainhouse did not come out of a think tank. We are not a management consulting firm (although we own one). We are not a co-working space (although we use them). We are a solution built by Founders for Founders. 

The premise is this...2X. Our goal is to 2x your business. How do we do that? Expansion. 

As we disrupt the 362 global supply chains across North America, Europe, and APAC we are finding strategic partners for every component.  Just by connecting to us the centrical force alone from the build out of this ecosystem will be powerful to any business.  If you are in Barcelona, we want to bring you to Brooklyn. If you are in Madrid, we want to introduce you to Madison Ave. If you are in Lisbon, we want you to be the hottest company in LA. We sell where you are not. We market where you are not. We expand where you are not. 

This is not Theory ...we are practitioners, founders, and investors. We live for this. 

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